Noël Caleb’s Video Contest: The finalists!

After days of selecting outfits and shooting, the top 3 finalists have been chosen and they are none other than Jia Min, Josep and Fhenny! They were tasked to create a short video displaying or promoting Noël Caleb’s apparel in a similar style to an advertisement. They made beautiful videos that highlighted the apparel while forming a deeper unifying theme with the brand.

Enough talk and here’s finalist #1, Jia Min!

Aptly titled 1621, the story explores the recollection of a young lady aged 21, as she recalls the happy moments of being 16.

Finalist #2, Josep!

The video highlights how two sisters or best friends remain close till the end of time… thus emphasizing true devotion.

& Finalist #3, Fhenny!

Fhenny captures the motion occurring at a particular place/time and portrays the memories of that location.

All very inspiring videos created by very young individuals, they may not be professionally recognized, but they do have talent to make it far.

Now, to help one of them realise their dream of being a film producer, vote for your favourite finalist by heading to our Facebook page and clicking ‘like’ on their individual posts.

Voting ends on 17 June so get clicking!