Noël Caleb Apprentice Programme 2012

The Noël Caleb Apprentice Programme 2012 was a superb success and this is all thanks to our immensely talented apprentices:

Pei Ying, Janissa, Vanessa, Syanel and Chermaine.

Noël Caleb Apprentice Dinner

Noël Caleb Apprentice Dinner

Our fabulous apprentices picked up various aspects of working with a fashion label including behind-the-scenes work like sourcing, designing and production very quickly.

They also learnt about styling, visual merchandising and retail and got to practice it at the Noël Caleb counter in the amazing departmental store ISETAN.

Noël Caleb counter at ISETAN, Scott Road

Noël Caleb counter at ISETAN, Scott Road

Let’s see what the girls have to say about their experience in this video.

Noël Caleb Apprentice Training

Our apprentices also exhibited amazing potential while organizing a fashion show at our Christmas Party, which was presented by Noël Caleb fans.

Did you miss it?

Fret not. We have created a short video for you where you can catch all the highlights and see our apprentices in action 🙂

Noël Caleb Christmas Party and Fashion Show

Doesn’t it look fabulous?

We all had a wonderful time.  We would like to thank all Noël Caleb fans who helped us present this gorgeous event.

Now you can understand why we had a tough time choosing the Best Apprentice.  All of them were exceptional!

Unfortunately, there can be only one winner. Or in our case, two 🙂

Yes, there is a tie. The Noël Caleb Best Apprentices 2012 are:

Lin Pei Ying

Lin Pei Ying

She is not only great at design but did a phenomenal job serving customers during her retail stint as well.

Chermaine Lee

Chermaine Lee

Despite being a Communications and New Media student at NUS, Chermaine’s passion for fashion and responsive nature were absolutely inspirational.

We are confident that all our apprentices – Pei YingJanissaVanessaSyanel and Chermaine – have a brilliant future ahead of them.

We wish them all the very best in their journey:)

Jiayun Zhu: Finalist Two – Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012

Meet Jiayun Zhu, better known as Una – the second finalist of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012.

Una is an upcoming photographer from Shanghai, China who is currently studying in Singapore. While she is relatively young (only 18!!!) and new to the world of photography, we think she has serious talent and displays terrific potential.

See for yourself!

Her love for photography comes across clearly through her pictures. She sees beauty everywhere and in everything, an essential quality of any gifted photographer. Her specialty is portraiture.

Fashion is a passion for her so it’s not surprising that she is the founder of the popular street-style blog Singapore Street Snap.

She uses two cameras even while shooting street-style photographs – a digital camera and a film camera.

Now, that’s some serious commitment 🙂

Given the strong female imagery in her photographs and her unique fashion style, we are very excited to see Una’s interpretation of Eve using our latest collection – Garden of Eden.

So mark your calendars for 8 Oct when we will be showcasing Una’s creative spread for Noël Caleb on our Facebook page.

Be sure to vote for her if you want to crown her the winner.

Well, that’s two finalists done and two more to go 🙂

Tomorrow, you will meet our third finalist – Ross Velantine Errol.

Noël Caleb’s Video Contest: The finalists!

After days of selecting outfits and shooting, the top 3 finalists have been chosen and they are none other than Jia Min, Josep and Fhenny! They were tasked to create a short video displaying or promoting Noël Caleb’s apparel in a similar style to an advertisement. They made beautiful videos that highlighted the apparel while forming a deeper unifying theme with the brand.

Enough talk and here’s finalist #1, Jia Min!

Aptly titled 1621, the story explores the recollection of a young lady aged 21, as she recalls the happy moments of being 16.

Finalist #2, Josep!

The video highlights how two sisters or best friends remain close till the end of time… thus emphasizing true devotion.

& Finalist #3, Fhenny!

Fhenny captures the motion occurring at a particular place/time and portrays the memories of that location.

All very inspiring videos created by very young individuals, they may not be professionally recognized, but they do have talent to make it far.

Now, to help one of them realise their dream of being a film producer, vote for your favourite finalist by heading to our Facebook page and clicking ‘like’ on their individual posts.

Voting ends on 17 June so get clicking!

Blueprint Tradeshow and Emporium 2011

Noël Caleb had a booth at Blueprint to showcase its latest collection (Honey in Rock) and to sell off its previous collection (The Ballerina Diaries) at 40% off!

It was a hectic 4 day event that saw numerous interested buyers, customers, fans and media. In case, you missed out the frenzy at Blueprint, here are a couple of pictures to re-live the event.

Reserved items ready for collection!

Jewelery by Amado Gudek

As part of our Facebook contest, we also offered a little makeover/touch up session with Makeup Artist, Dawn from A Beauty Box.

On the last day, it was time to bid farewell to Marina Bay Sands, for now. Off came the clothes, the hangers and boards and down came the booth.

To all our fans and friends who popped by, we hope you went home with a pretty little parcel from Noël Caleb! Now’s the time to ook forward to more exciting events coming your way (Especially with the launch of our 2nd collection)!