Noël Caleb Fashion Design Competition & Model Search 2013

19 Feb is a big day for Noël Caleb as we are launching not one but two awesome new initiatives.

But first things first.

We wish our friends, customers, fans, apprentices, associates and everyone else in our community a very Happy Lunar New Year! We hope you enjoy the prosperous Year of The Snake which ushers in lots of happiness, love and peace in all that you do. Gong Xi! 🙂

Back to 19 Feb now.

Has it being your life long dream to be a fashion designer and create your own collection?

Well, we are going to make your dreams come true through Noël Caleb Fashion Design Competition 2013.

This is how.

Pic 2

Everything that you need to know is given in the poster above. You can download the application form from the link given below.

Noël Caleb Fashion Design Competition 2013 Application Form (right click to open link in a new tab)

We are also organizing a briefing  session on 19 Feb at 6 pm. You can  find out more details about the competition and clarify any queries you may have.

Our venue for this session is swanky and brand new  The Co, 75 High Street, Singapore 179435.

From City Hall MRT, keep walking in the direction of Funan Mall till you come to High Street. Cross the traffic light, turn right and you’ll see a black building, which is opposite The Treasury. This building is The Co.

The second exciting initiative that we will be launching on 19 Feb is Model Search 2013.

Pic 1

Yes, we are conducting our first model audition for the year on 19 Feb.

This is not just for our first fashion show of 2013 which will happen in March. We are also looking for the next Noël Caleb campaign model for our upcoming collection.

If you have always wanted to make it big as a model, here’s your chance 🙂

RSVP to with your name, brief introduction and contact number.

Please note that an administration charge of $20 is applicable to gain entry to the audition. Here’s the itinerary for the evening:

6.45 pm: Registration (Fill in your names and other details, strike a pose for us at our photo booth)
7 pm: Noël Caleb will welcome everyone and share details of our upcoming campaign requirements
7.10 pm: Guest speaker, our model trainer will share more about modeling
7. 20 pm: Audition begins
8 pm: End of audition

The audition will end sharp at 8 pm so please be punctual, ladies 🙂
The venue for the audition is The Co, 75 High Street, Singapore 179435.
From City Hall MRT, keep walking in the direction of Funan Mall till you come to High Street. Cross the traffic light, turn right and you’ll see a black building, which is opposite The Treasury. This building is The Co.
So now you can see why we are so excited about 19 Feb. Aren’t you?
See you all (budding fashion designers and models) next week at The Co. 🙂

Noël Caleb Apprentice Search 2012/13

Have you ever wondered how it is like to work for a fashion label?

What goes on behind the creation of such beautiful pieces?

Do you want to be led into this enchanting world of fashion by given a shot in working for a fashion label?

If your answer is YES, you’re the one we are looking for! Wait no more and join the Noël Caleb Apprentice Search today.

The Noël Caleb Apprentice Search is now on! Under this Apprentice Search programme, you will be trained under Noël Caleb for a minimum of 10 hours.

In which, you will learn the many aspects of  a fashion label which includes styling, visual merchandising as wellas the organization of a fashion show. The programme will equip  you with skills on the styling of people with different body shapes, the nits and grits of visual merchandising (in a superstore!) as well as be able to witness the organization of a fashion show and many more.

If time is of a concern to you, do not worry because this programme is specially catered for you to organize your own training. The flexibility of the programme enables you to decide on your time and date of training so as to cater to your schedule and allow for you to work within your most comfortable time period.

So, what are you waiting for? This is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the joy of working under a fashion label.

Especially so that it’s 14 days’ countdown to us being at a Superstore in Orchard Road, and 39 days’ countdown to our X’mas Party cum Fashion Show. Can’t have a better timing to end the year with a spectacular experience.

So, sign up now and come on down to our very first lesson on Tuesday, 6 November 2012 at 7.30pm. Do not worry if you are unable to make it for our first lesson, you can always join us the next time round. Wait no further and send in those emails to to sign up to be our apprentice today!

In the email, do introduce yourself and share what/ why you wish to join the Noël Caleb Apprentice Search 2012/13.

We hope to see you soon! You’re sure to get an amazing experience to end the year with!

Samuel Woo: Finalist Four – Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012

Last but definitely not the least, we present to you, Samuel Woo, the fourth finalist of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012.

Samuel is a graduate of NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media, having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Media with Honors. He brings with him several years of experience working as a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Art Director on various individual and corporate projects.

He has also exhibited his photographs and performance art pieces at several prestigious shows over the years.

As Samuel says in his own words – “My work revolves around questioning the values of a fixed identity in the (post) postmodern world today, from defining self through self, defining self through the other and defining self through the environment.”

Samuel uses and hybridizes a variety of media – photography, painting, performance art, etc, not only to challenge himself technically but also to mirror the blurring of boundaries between artistic practices today, following an innate impulse to create novel experiences in understanding art.

You can check out Samuel’s website to see more of his cutting-edge work.

Well, now that you have met all four finalists, you must be really curious to see their editorial fashion spreads for our latest collection ‘Garden of Eden’.

You only have to wait a few more hours 🙂

Tomorrow, we will reveal their artistic creations for Noël Caleb on our Facebook page.

You will have one week to vote for your favorite photographer. Remember, your votes will have 60% weightage in the final choice of the winner so each vote will be really important for our finalists.

The winner of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012 will get an opportunity to showcase their talent on a global scale by creating an editorial fashion spread for Noël Caleb in our next campaign.

But all that comes later.

Right now, we are super excited about tomorrow 🙂

See you on our Facebook page!

Ross Velantine Errol: Finalist Three – Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012

Presenting Ross Velantine Errol, visual artist par excellence and the third finalist of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012.

Ross is an extremely versatile photographer whose portfolio includes a wide range of subjects, shot in several countries across the region such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia apart from Singapore.

He is renowned for his excellent use and control of natural light, which makes the object of the photograph look stunning yet natural.

Before establishing himself as a full-time photographer, Ross was at the helm of many award-winning Food & Beverage (F&B) establishments as part of their management team.

Maybe that explains his stunning F&B photography 🙂

Be it food, still life, portraiture or events, Ross excels at it all. His process of capturing moments through a story-telling approach not only make his works unique, but very personal as well. Moreover, his amiable personality makes him an absolute joy to work with.

You can check out his amazing portfolio in detail at his site, Velantine Photography.

We are quite sure his editorial shoot for our Garden of Eden collection will be quite stunning as well.

But will he win?

There is only one way to find out 🙂

Check out our Facebook page on 8 Oct to see his visual spread for Noël Caleb and vote for him.

Tomorrow, you will meet our last finalist – Samuel Woo.

Jiayun Zhu: Finalist Two – Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012

Meet Jiayun Zhu, better known as Una – the second finalist of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012.

Una is an upcoming photographer from Shanghai, China who is currently studying in Singapore. While she is relatively young (only 18!!!) and new to the world of photography, we think she has serious talent and displays terrific potential.

See for yourself!

Her love for photography comes across clearly through her pictures. She sees beauty everywhere and in everything, an essential quality of any gifted photographer. Her specialty is portraiture.

Fashion is a passion for her so it’s not surprising that she is the founder of the popular street-style blog Singapore Street Snap.

She uses two cameras even while shooting street-style photographs – a digital camera and a film camera.

Now, that’s some serious commitment 🙂

Given the strong female imagery in her photographs and her unique fashion style, we are very excited to see Una’s interpretation of Eve using our latest collection – Garden of Eden.

So mark your calendars for 8 Oct when we will be showcasing Una’s creative spread for Noël Caleb on our Facebook page.

Be sure to vote for her if you want to crown her the winner.

Well, that’s two finalists done and two more to go 🙂

Tomorrow, you will meet our third finalist – Ross Velantine Errol.

Michel Tay: Finalist One – Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012

As promised yesterday, here is the profile and portfolio of the first finalist of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012 – Michel Tay.

Michel Tay is a Singapore-based fashion and commercial photographer. Photography has been his passion since his college days in the Lasalle College of Arts, where he studied communication design.

After college, he began work as a Digital Imaging Artist at a local photography studio, where he was introduced to the world of Fashion, Commercial and Still-Life photography.

In 2003, Michel became a full-fledged photographer and went on to build an impressive roster of shoots. He started his own company – Michel Tay Photography in 2008, which essentially focuses on Fashion and Commercial Photography while also dabbling in Still-Life and Wedding Photography.

Michel has garnered much local and regional acclaim in this span of time through his collaborations with international models, celebrities and the best brands.

 Multi-talented Michel is an avid graphic designer  as well who beautifully bridges the worlds of photography and graphic design in his work.

But here’s the best part, he is also a popular local recording artist! He regularly performs in a band called Elyzia and has released several albums and compilations. Michel has also represented Singapore and performed overseas!

With an impressive portfolio that includes marquee names like SK-II, NIKE, Hewlett-Packard, Evian, ESPN Sports, United Overseas Bank and Female Brides magazine, Michel is a serious contender for the prize 🙂

To know more about Michel and see his other work, do check out his website and Facebook page.

Aren’t you curious to see Michel’s interpretation of Eve in the Garden of Eden?

Then do check out our Facebook page on 8 Oct when we will reveal his artistic vision for Noël Caleb.

And remember, to make him win, all you have to do is vote for him 🙂

Tomorrow, we meet our second finalist – Jiayun Zhu.

Noël Caleb’s Video Contest: The finalists!

After days of selecting outfits and shooting, the top 3 finalists have been chosen and they are none other than Jia Min, Josep and Fhenny! They were tasked to create a short video displaying or promoting Noël Caleb’s apparel in a similar style to an advertisement. They made beautiful videos that highlighted the apparel while forming a deeper unifying theme with the brand.

Enough talk and here’s finalist #1, Jia Min!

Aptly titled 1621, the story explores the recollection of a young lady aged 21, as she recalls the happy moments of being 16.

Finalist #2, Josep!

The video highlights how two sisters or best friends remain close till the end of time… thus emphasizing true devotion.

& Finalist #3, Fhenny!

Fhenny captures the motion occurring at a particular place/time and portrays the memories of that location.

All very inspiring videos created by very young individuals, they may not be professionally recognized, but they do have talent to make it far.

Now, to help one of them realise their dream of being a film producer, vote for your favourite finalist by heading to our Facebook page and clicking ‘like’ on their individual posts.

Voting ends on 17 June so get clicking!

Noël Caleb Art!

Recently, we received much joy in our emails as the beautiful image above was peeking out from our inboxes. Phiralia drew this image following one of our lookbook images that’s up on our Facebook page.

The look features a Tourmaline outerwear and an Alexandrite dress. For prices do head over to the Facebook page.

More on the artist, Phiralia is currently studying Fashion Marketing and Merchandising at NAFA in Singapore and she even has a blog to house all of her creative pursuits! You didn’t think there would be more right?

Remember if you’re into the arts and have any work to share, do mail them over to

We just love creative people!