Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012

The long awaited results for the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012 is finally out! It has been a really wonderful experience for us. We feel extremely privileged to be able to witness such captivating works from the participating photographers. Hence, we would like to sincerely thank all the photographers for their participation in this contest. Also, thank you to all our lovely supporters for voting for your favorite photographers as well.

All of you must be really excited to find out who the winner of the contest is. It was really a tough decision as all the participants were equally talented. However, after much deliberation and the collation of the votes on our Facebook page, our Asia’s Next Big Photographer has emerged. We are proud to announce that Michel Tay is the winner of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012! Congratulations Michel Tay!

Michel Tay is a Singapore Fashion and Commercial photographer who has established a name for himself worldwide. He has worked with numerous renowned companies like Juice Magazine, Female Brides Magazine as well as Nike to name a few. Therefore, we are pleased to present to you the works of Michel Tay, Asia’s Next Big Photographer.

“She Came, She Sinned. She Left.”

Isn’t his work just simply beautiful? Keep a look out for Michel Tay, the rising star who is extremely talented and passionate. We would like to congratulate Michel Tay once again for being the winner of Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012. Michel will be working with Noël Caleb on our next collection campaign photography. We can’t hide our excitement!

Stay tuned for more exciting events upcoming.

Shhh… did you hear that we’re starting a Noël Caleb Apprentice Search? More details to be released soon!!

Michel Tay: Finalist One – Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012

As promised yesterday, here is the profile and portfolio of the first finalist of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012 – Michel Tay.

Michel Tay is a Singapore-based fashion and commercial photographer. Photography has been his passion since his college days in the Lasalle College of Arts, where he studied communication design.

After college, he began work as a Digital Imaging Artist at a local photography studio, where he was introduced to the world of Fashion, Commercial and Still-Life photography.

In 2003, Michel became a full-fledged photographer and went on to build an impressive roster of shoots. He started his own company – Michel Tay Photography in 2008, which essentially focuses on Fashion and Commercial Photography while also dabbling in Still-Life and Wedding Photography.

Michel has garnered much local and regional acclaim in this span of time through his collaborations with international models, celebrities and the best brands.

 Multi-talented Michel is an avid graphic designer  as well who beautifully bridges the worlds of photography and graphic design in his work.

But here’s the best part, he is also a popular local recording artist! He regularly performs in a band called Elyzia and has released several albums and compilations. Michel has also represented Singapore and performed overseas!

With an impressive portfolio that includes marquee names like SK-II, NIKE, Hewlett-Packard, Evian, ESPN Sports, United Overseas Bank and Female Brides magazine, Michel is a serious contender for the prize 🙂

To know more about Michel and see his other work, do check out his website and Facebook page.

Aren’t you curious to see Michel’s interpretation of Eve in the Garden of Eden?

Then do check out our Facebook page on 8 Oct when we will reveal his artistic vision for Noël Caleb.

And remember, to make him win, all you have to do is vote for him 🙂

Tomorrow, we meet our second finalist – Jiayun Zhu.

Noël Caleb’s Video Contest: The finalists!

After days of selecting outfits and shooting, the top 3 finalists have been chosen and they are none other than Jia Min, Josep and Fhenny! They were tasked to create a short video displaying or promoting Noël Caleb’s apparel in a similar style to an advertisement. They made beautiful videos that highlighted the apparel while forming a deeper unifying theme with the brand.

Enough talk and here’s finalist #1, Jia Min!

Aptly titled 1621, the story explores the recollection of a young lady aged 21, as she recalls the happy moments of being 16.

Finalist #2, Josep!

The video highlights how two sisters or best friends remain close till the end of time… thus emphasizing true devotion.

& Finalist #3, Fhenny!

Fhenny captures the motion occurring at a particular place/time and portrays the memories of that location.

All very inspiring videos created by very young individuals, they may not be professionally recognized, but they do have talent to make it far.

Now, to help one of them realise their dream of being a film producer, vote for your favourite finalist by heading to our Facebook page and clicking ‘like’ on their individual posts.

Voting ends on 17 June so get clicking!