Noël Caleb Apprentice Programme 2012

The Noël Caleb Apprentice Programme 2012 was a superb success and this is all thanks to our immensely talented apprentices:

Pei Ying, Janissa, Vanessa, Syanel and Chermaine.

Noël Caleb Apprentice Dinner

Noël Caleb Apprentice Dinner

Our fabulous apprentices picked up various aspects of working with a fashion label including behind-the-scenes work like sourcing, designing and production very quickly.

They also learnt about styling, visual merchandising and retail and got to practice it at the Noël Caleb counter in the amazing departmental store ISETAN.

Noël Caleb counter at ISETAN, Scott Road

Noël Caleb counter at ISETAN, Scott Road

Let’s see what the girls have to say about their experience in this video.

Noël Caleb Apprentice Training

Our apprentices also exhibited amazing potential while organizing a fashion show at our Christmas Party, which was presented by Noël Caleb fans.

Did you miss it?

Fret not. We have created a short video for you where you can catch all the highlights and see our apprentices in action 🙂

Noël Caleb Christmas Party and Fashion Show

Doesn’t it look fabulous?

We all had a wonderful time.  We would like to thank all Noël Caleb fans who helped us present this gorgeous event.

Now you can understand why we had a tough time choosing the Best Apprentice.  All of them were exceptional!

Unfortunately, there can be only one winner. Or in our case, two 🙂

Yes, there is a tie. The Noël Caleb Best Apprentices 2012 are:

Lin Pei Ying

Lin Pei Ying

She is not only great at design but did a phenomenal job serving customers during her retail stint as well.

Chermaine Lee

Chermaine Lee

Despite being a Communications and New Media student at NUS, Chermaine’s passion for fashion and responsive nature were absolutely inspirational.

We are confident that all our apprentices – Pei YingJanissaVanessaSyanel and Chermaine – have a brilliant future ahead of them.

We wish them all the very best in their journey:)


Noël Caleb Apprentice Class Commences

We commenced the first Noël Caleb class on this Wednesday 7 Nov 2012. It ended on a really high note with all the apprentices looking forward to the next lesson. If you’ve missed it, here’re some “behind-the-scene” snapshots for you.

We started off the lesson by having the apprentices share with each other on their sense of style as well as the insecurities that they have when styling themselves, so as to be able to get a better idea of each and everyone’s dressing.

We went on to talk about the various body types and the styling tips for different body types that will  complement perfectly the many individuals.

After getting to know more about styling, the apprentices gave it a go in  styling each other in the various Noël Caleb collections. It was filled with laughter and giggles in the room as they attempted to style one another, no doubt that they had fun putting their knowledge into use.

Witness the actions below and see how the apprentices transformed themselves through putting on Noël Caleb pieces.

Pei Ying





The Apprentices all look like they were having fun, don’t they?

Want to be part of the action? Are you interested to join our group of Noël Caleb Apprentices to be exposed to the fashion industry through this enriching experience? Join us, it’s never too late! You can slot in anytime, or learn at your own comfortable pacing.

If you’re interested, do send us an email at, introducing yourself and letting us know why you would like to join the Noël Caleb Apprentice Search 2012/13. This is a 10 hours’ lesson and you’ll have fun doing lots of exciting stuff you’ll never imagined, for a fashion label.

Through this Apprentice Search, we would like to find the most outstanding Apprentice, and lots of opportunities will be given to him/ her.

Our next class will be next week, Wed 14 Nov at 7.30pm. It will be yet another exciting night, we’re sure!

Noël Caleb Apprentice Search 2012/13

Have you ever wondered how it is like to work for a fashion label?

What goes on behind the creation of such beautiful pieces?

Do you want to be led into this enchanting world of fashion by given a shot in working for a fashion label?

If your answer is YES, you’re the one we are looking for! Wait no more and join the Noël Caleb Apprentice Search today.

The Noël Caleb Apprentice Search is now on! Under this Apprentice Search programme, you will be trained under Noël Caleb for a minimum of 10 hours.

In which, you will learn the many aspects of  a fashion label which includes styling, visual merchandising as wellas the organization of a fashion show. The programme will equip  you with skills on the styling of people with different body shapes, the nits and grits of visual merchandising (in a superstore!) as well as be able to witness the organization of a fashion show and many more.

If time is of a concern to you, do not worry because this programme is specially catered for you to organize your own training. The flexibility of the programme enables you to decide on your time and date of training so as to cater to your schedule and allow for you to work within your most comfortable time period.

So, what are you waiting for? This is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the joy of working under a fashion label.

Especially so that it’s 14 days’ countdown to us being at a Superstore in Orchard Road, and 39 days’ countdown to our X’mas Party cum Fashion Show. Can’t have a better timing to end the year with a spectacular experience.

So, sign up now and come on down to our very first lesson on Tuesday, 6 November 2012 at 7.30pm. Do not worry if you are unable to make it for our first lesson, you can always join us the next time round. Wait no further and send in those emails to to sign up to be our apprentice today!

In the email, do introduce yourself and share what/ why you wish to join the Noël Caleb Apprentice Search 2012/13.

We hope to see you soon! You’re sure to get an amazing experience to end the year with!

Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012

The long awaited results for the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012 is finally out! It has been a really wonderful experience for us. We feel extremely privileged to be able to witness such captivating works from the participating photographers. Hence, we would like to sincerely thank all the photographers for their participation in this contest. Also, thank you to all our lovely supporters for voting for your favorite photographers as well.

All of you must be really excited to find out who the winner of the contest is. It was really a tough decision as all the participants were equally talented. However, after much deliberation and the collation of the votes on our Facebook page, our Asia’s Next Big Photographer has emerged. We are proud to announce that Michel Tay is the winner of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012! Congratulations Michel Tay!

Michel Tay is a Singapore Fashion and Commercial photographer who has established a name for himself worldwide. He has worked with numerous renowned companies like Juice Magazine, Female Brides Magazine as well as Nike to name a few. Therefore, we are pleased to present to you the works of Michel Tay, Asia’s Next Big Photographer.

“She Came, She Sinned. She Left.”

Isn’t his work just simply beautiful? Keep a look out for Michel Tay, the rising star who is extremely talented and passionate. We would like to congratulate Michel Tay once again for being the winner of Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012. Michel will be working with Noël Caleb on our next collection campaign photography. We can’t hide our excitement!

Stay tuned for more exciting events upcoming.

Shhh… did you hear that we’re starting a Noël Caleb Apprentice Search? More details to be released soon!!

Samuel Woo: Finalist Four – Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012

Last but definitely not the least, we present to you, Samuel Woo, the fourth finalist of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012.

Samuel is a graduate of NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media, having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Media with Honors. He brings with him several years of experience working as a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Art Director on various individual and corporate projects.

He has also exhibited his photographs and performance art pieces at several prestigious shows over the years.

As Samuel says in his own words – “My work revolves around questioning the values of a fixed identity in the (post) postmodern world today, from defining self through self, defining self through the other and defining self through the environment.”

Samuel uses and hybridizes a variety of media – photography, painting, performance art, etc, not only to challenge himself technically but also to mirror the blurring of boundaries between artistic practices today, following an innate impulse to create novel experiences in understanding art.

You can check out Samuel’s website to see more of his cutting-edge work.

Well, now that you have met all four finalists, you must be really curious to see their editorial fashion spreads for our latest collection ‘Garden of Eden’.

You only have to wait a few more hours 🙂

Tomorrow, we will reveal their artistic creations for Noël Caleb on our Facebook page.

You will have one week to vote for your favorite photographer. Remember, your votes will have 60% weightage in the final choice of the winner so each vote will be really important for our finalists.

The winner of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012 will get an opportunity to showcase their talent on a global scale by creating an editorial fashion spread for Noël Caleb in our next campaign.

But all that comes later.

Right now, we are super excited about tomorrow 🙂

See you on our Facebook page!

Ross Velantine Errol: Finalist Three – Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012

Presenting Ross Velantine Errol, visual artist par excellence and the third finalist of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012.

Ross is an extremely versatile photographer whose portfolio includes a wide range of subjects, shot in several countries across the region such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia apart from Singapore.

He is renowned for his excellent use and control of natural light, which makes the object of the photograph look stunning yet natural.

Before establishing himself as a full-time photographer, Ross was at the helm of many award-winning Food & Beverage (F&B) establishments as part of their management team.

Maybe that explains his stunning F&B photography 🙂

Be it food, still life, portraiture or events, Ross excels at it all. His process of capturing moments through a story-telling approach not only make his works unique, but very personal as well. Moreover, his amiable personality makes him an absolute joy to work with.

You can check out his amazing portfolio in detail at his site, Velantine Photography.

We are quite sure his editorial shoot for our Garden of Eden collection will be quite stunning as well.

But will he win?

There is only one way to find out 🙂

Check out our Facebook page on 8 Oct to see his visual spread for Noël Caleb and vote for him.

Tomorrow, you will meet our last finalist – Samuel Woo.

Jiayun Zhu: Finalist Two – Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012

Meet Jiayun Zhu, better known as Una – the second finalist of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012.

Una is an upcoming photographer from Shanghai, China who is currently studying in Singapore. While she is relatively young (only 18!!!) and new to the world of photography, we think she has serious talent and displays terrific potential.

See for yourself!

Her love for photography comes across clearly through her pictures. She sees beauty everywhere and in everything, an essential quality of any gifted photographer. Her specialty is portraiture.

Fashion is a passion for her so it’s not surprising that she is the founder of the popular street-style blog Singapore Street Snap.

She uses two cameras even while shooting street-style photographs – a digital camera and a film camera.

Now, that’s some serious commitment 🙂

Given the strong female imagery in her photographs and her unique fashion style, we are very excited to see Una’s interpretation of Eve using our latest collection – Garden of Eden.

So mark your calendars for 8 Oct when we will be showcasing Una’s creative spread for Noël Caleb on our Facebook page.

Be sure to vote for her if you want to crown her the winner.

Well, that’s two finalists done and two more to go 🙂

Tomorrow, you will meet our third finalist – Ross Velantine Errol.