Noël Caleb Fashion Design competition: Q&A with the third and last finalist Peiying Lin

Our third finalist Peiying Lin

After Joël and Alice, it’s time for our Q&A with the last finalist of the Noël Caleb Fashion Design Competition, Peiying Lin.

Peiying obviously has passion for fashion and despite her collection being in black and white, we couldn’t but notice how great it looked and decided to give her a place as one of the 3 finalists.

Read on to find out more about her collection and if you like it, onto our facebook page and like the post! We’ll be announcing the winner on 20th of February so don’t forget to check our blog and facebook on that day! The overall winner will get his/her collection produced under Noël Caleb for A/W 2012 collection. Good luck everyone!

1. Tell us about your designs you’ve submitted for the competition. Why do you choose these designs, and how did you get the inspiration? How about the choice of fabric? Also, what made you decide to join the competition?

When I think of the theme “Mirror Mirror on the Wall”, it makes me think of reflection and its elements like shadows and angles. So I interpreted my outfits with asymmetrical and symmetrical cuts and a touch of soft fabrics to soften the looks as I want to bring out the inner strength, outer grace of a woman, in a feminine manner. There are woven and knitted fabrics for the collection as I wanted balance up the look, and the colours I used are mainly black and white, for Black symbolizes the shadow and white symbolizes the light that causes a reflection.

I joined this competition because I was really hoping to be given an opportunity and to gain a learning experience to work with Noël Caleb for their A/W 2012 collection that I have created. And also, I was very inspired by the theme of the competition.

2. If you are the winner, how do you see yourself executing your design with Noël Caleb?

I understand that Noël Caleb’s designs are mostly targeted at those who are bold enough to mix and match the different colors together. Although my collection is in black and white, I am also open to the idea of adding colours because when it comes to fashion I like mixing them to create a different look and effect all together. So working on executing the designs should not be a problem.

4. Where do you graduate from, and how many years have you been in fashion?

I took up some short courses in Fashion design during the weekends when I was working and waiting for my O levels. After that, I went to a local tertiary arts institution majoring in a Diploma in Fashion studies but quit school shortly after. I then headed to Textile and fashion industry training centre to study a Diploma in Fashion Technology (Merchandising & Marketing).

5. Who are your favourite designers? Why?

I think all fashion designers have different ways of expressing their designs but my favourite designers are Alexander Mcqueen, Ann Demeulemeester, Tsumori Chisato, Gareth Pugh, Haider Ackermann, Rick Owens and Thierry Mugler. I like Alexander Mcqueen and Tsumori Chisato for their quirky and whimsical looks, and Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann for their layered looks, drapes and avant-garde aesthetic. I also like Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens and Thierry Mugler for their structured elegance, fierce and one-of-a kind look.

6. What is your style/ influences like?

I can be easily inspired by runway trends. I love to explore the different kinds of styles and I love collecting images be it in the newspapers, magazines, post cards, websites, etc if I feel inspired looking at it. I am also influenced by different mediums like music, art, movies, etc.

7. Why should we choose you as the winner?

Since the designs I created for this collection are mainly in black and white, I think they are workable and marketable as I suppose everyone owns an outfit in their wardrobe in which is match-able with black and white. However, like I mentioned before, I am also open about the idea of colours if there is a need to inject some colours into the Noël Caleb A/W 2012 collection because I understand Noël Caleb designs are mostly targeted at those who are bold enough to mix and match the different colours together.

Noël Caleb Fashion Design competition: Q&A with the first finalist Joel Törrönen


One of our 3 finalists, Joel Törrönen

It’s been an exciting journey since we’ve announced our fashion design competition and we were happy to announce our 3 finalists a while ago for you to judge their work. However like us, we also figured out that you might want to know more about them to judge them accordingly so we decided to share with you our Q&A we conducted with the finalists.

And to give them more chance and encouragement, we decided to push the deadline for announcing the winner till the 20th of February. So hurry up and support your favourite finalist on our facebook page by liking the link showcasing their collection.

Starting with the furthest and most unexpected participant who has heard about our competition and decided to take part in it all the way from Finland! Joel Törrönen has earned his spot by showcasing an interesting and unusual take on our theme ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall’.

Check out what he had to say about his work and the Noël Caleb competition in the following Q&A.

Sunday's outfit...

1. Tell us about the designs you’ve submitted for the Noël Caleb competition. Why did you choose these designs, and how did you get the inspiration? How about the choice of fabric? Also, what made you decide to join the competition?

I found Noël Caleb’s blog accidently when I was surfing the Internet. To be honest I don’t even remember what I was searching for so it totally was an accident. The competition and Noël Caleb sounded really exciting, my friends and teachers were cheering me on so I thought: ‘Why not? Let’s try!’

When I thought about the theme ‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall’, I just got a vision where bobbins lay on a lace pillow. So I created the collection based on that ‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… Which is the Most Beautiful Lace of All?’ As for the concept, I thought it would fit Noël Caleb’s style and be a little exotic too. It was important to make the mirror-like feel stronger so added a lot of symmetry to my designs.

It was quite challenging to design my collection because the weather is so different in Finland. (You can imagine, it was really odd to design a winter collection – without any warm clothes!) So I thought what kind of clothes my friends in Malaysia wear? what kind of clothes people use in summer and what kind of clothes JJ Lin could wear? haha. The choice of fabric came from my concept so linen was an obvious choice. I had to think of suitable materials that you can use when it’s super hot. Yeah, it was a little challenging to me.



2. If you are the winner, how do you see yourself executing your designs with Noël Caleb? Will you be able to fly to Singapore and work on the collection? If so, which month is good for you since you’re currently studying?

I haven’t thought about that at all but I can’t see why I couldn’t fly to Singapore. It would be really interesting and I have always dreamt of on-the-job learning abroad. However it is not easy because this whole competition came to my life suddenly… but I think I can always solve the problems. I have my summer holiday from June to August so it would be easier to fly to Singapore during that holiday. Of course it could be possible to come earlier too.


4. Where do you graduate from or currently studying at? And how many years have you been in fashion?

Right now I’m studying in Mynämäki Art and Craft College and this is my second year there. Before that I have of course sewn but mainly costumes and some random clothes. I love my school and I think a job in fashion business could be my dream come true.


5. Who are your favourite designers? Why?

Marimekko and Vivienne Westwood. Marimekko  makes the best patterns (I truly love them!) and Westwood’s clothes for men are inspiring, when men’s clothes are usually super boring.  Actually I don’t follow fashion labels that much ’cause street style is more interesting to me.


6. What is your style/influences like?

It’s always a little hard to describe your own style but I think my style is positive, casual and colorful. I like to mix things from different cultures and I’m trying to wear my own design as much as possible. I think comics and art are really inspiring and who knows, maybe I look like an artist! I’m trying to think green but it isn’t that easy to find environmentally friendly and nice clothes.


7. Why should we choose you as the winner?
When I was born my mom wanted to name me Noël but my dad thought it was too odd a name… So now I’m Joel. I think that is a clear sign that I should win this competition, isn’t it? Haha. Well the real reason could be that my collection is inspiring, happy and kinda cool. I really worked hard on my designs and I’m proud of myself though others did great work too.

And Saturday!

Launching Noël Caleb Personalized Styling Service… just in time for Valentine’s day!

Yuru, our first customer to try our personalized styling service! Scroll for a Q&A with her and pictures documenting her session!

For those of you who have been waiting for an announcement from Noël Caleb, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

For those of you who haven’t, keep reading anyway because this will probably interest you too (being as you’re on our blog we have to assume at least a passing love for the brand).

As from today, we’re starting a brand new service that allows you the chance to shop from the comfort of your own home.

No. We don’t mean internet shopping, we mean from the comfort of your own home.

That’s right, if you can’t come to Noël Caleb, then Noël Caleb will come to you, courtesy of our new Personalized Styling Service. As part of this private service, we bring you all those pieces you’ve been eyeing from our Ballerina Diaries and Honey in the Rock collections to mix and match with your existing wardrobe and provide our free styling/fitting service, all without you having to even step out of your door!

All you need to do is drop us an email at and mention the service, what you’re looking for, size and body shape (preferable so we can recommend what works best for you) and your convenient time/place. We will get back to you shortly and set a date!

We will be providing this service from today until the 1st week of March and more good news is that if you book you appointment with us before 22 Feb, you will be entitled to 15% discount on the items you buy, as long as the date  of the styling session is before the 3rd of March.

Need more incentive? Here’s a documented personalized styling session and a Q&A with one of our loyal customers Yuru who was the first to try our new service out.

Yuru's wardrobe consisted mainly of monochrome pieces

When we met Yuru at her place, we had an idea about her style and figure, so along with the pieces which she specifically had asked for, we brought some other pieces to suggest to her as per our stylist’s recommendations. When we opened her wardrobe to start, we found a mass of monochrome pieces which took us a little by surprise. Thankfully Yuru explained that when we had this chat with her while we’re styling:

How would you describe your style and wardrobe?

I always go for easy and comfortable.

My work wardrobe consists of mainly black and white plain pieces as I work in the financial sector and find these to be easy to go and suitable for office environment. I would like to add some more colours though but I’m never quite sure how and what would work.

As for my casual wear, it’s almost always jeans and cotton tops. I find that the easiest and most comfortable to wear.

Anything in particular you’re looking for from this Noël Caleb service?

Apart from the outfit that I had my eyes on (Morganite skirt and Onyx top), I’d like to match some of the work separates (a black skirt and white trousers) in my closet with something a little different than the plain shirts which I would normally wear them with. I’m also looking for something casual and comfortable but with some splash colour. Ideally I would like something versatile which can be mixed and matched so I could wear more often!

Discussing some looks with Yuru...

Trying out the Opal top which Yuru liked, sadly was too short for her skirt

Maybe with some layering?

We think this Vermarine top works best... so does she

With a belt inside and little lift, this top looked stunning on!

Then we moved to something more colourful, the purple Onyx top...

It worked nicely with Yuru's trousers and looked smart enough for work, just as she wanted

And finally Yuru got to try the outfit she's been eyeing and it looked stunning on her!

After the corporate and glamour, time for some casual outfits. Here we tried the Rowena top with Iridote shorts

Then we suggested something more playful like these shorts...

Not bad huh?

What about something more girlie like Noël Caleb's best seller Alexandrova skirt?

If too short, these Anastasia leggings come in handy!

Trying yet another combination... we never stop until you find your favourite 🙂

Yuru tries the Zircon toga top

And some stunning Amado Gudek resin accessories that were especially designed for Noël Caleb's Honey in the Rock collection

What about some layering with this Topaz cropped jacket? We like it!

But we have to admit, we find this Tourmaline outer piece to fit just perfect on Yuru!

This piece can be worn in 6 different ways depending on the desired effect... we show you how...

Finally something to brighten up Yuru's wardrobe and go with her favourite pair of jeans! This Ruby top is so comfortable and eye-catching at the same time

Oh and we tried not to make too much mess 🙂

After the session was over, we asked Yuru about how she found the experience and here’s what she had to say…

How did you find the Noël Caleb personalized styling service?

It was actually very helpful and fun. I found it more convenient than going to a department store, for example, especially when trying to mix and match pieces together. I like the fact that Noël Caleb is like a one-stop brand which offers different separates that can be matched. The lookbook is also very handy in showing how things can go together to create different styles, or sometimes using one piece and wearing it in different ways. It’s definitely a more creative way to dress!

At the end of our session, Yuru had bagged 6 pieces: Morganite grey skirt, Onyx purple top and Vermarine cream top from Honey in the Rock collection and Rowena beige top, Aurelie pink and grey top and Anastasia leggings.

To book your private fitting session, drop us an email on This closed-door, exclusive service is available from now to 1st week of March 2012 only.

Even if you're shopping from home, this doesn't mean you won't get some shopping bags 😉

Fans – Adeline Lim P3

I’ve shared Noël Caleb with just about everyone – family, friends and colleagues. If I’m not wrong, all the ladies in my family own a piece of Noël Caleb. I’ve actually managed to do a plug here and there to interested people on the street, as well as shop assistants when I’m out and about town. Some people compare me to a rabid fan but I’m not; I’m just very passionate about the things I believe in.
Noël Caleb is one of those things – with their take on femininity and fashion without compromising on comfort and individuality – they’re definitely something to keep an eye out for.

Fans – Phiralia Luanda

The second collection of Noël Caleb, Honey in the Rock has a contrastive look as compared to the Ballerina’s dairies. The second outfit looks stronger, more structured and bolder whereas the first collection was very much sweet and feminine. I love the second collection because it stands out more and it suits my style, even though I really love feminine clothing, I won’t be wearing one. It is how I would rather portray myself.

This Morganite skirt is a unique piece which can be worn inside out, it is very catchy, short in front and long at the back. It mostly suits evening wear and yes, I am going to wear this for an evening party too. I grabs attention 🙂

Fans – Adeline Lim P2

I frequently wear the pieces to work (I mean, let’s face it, we spend most of our time at work, do we not?) and colleagues have often remarked that it’s a welcome change to my otherwise-dark wardrobe. I wear a lot of black, but the Noël Caleb pieces have managed to inject a dash of colour into it. I’ll admit – I did gravitate towards the darker pieces (Lycette in black/teal and Nathalie in dark grey; Tatiana in black), but the flash of teal under the polka-dotted chiffon still counts! It takes the edge of black and is just that little bit cheeky – my kind of fun.

Fans – Adeline Lim P1

Noël Caleb: a brand that is both fashionable and unique, without compromising on comfort!

What I love about Noël Caleb is the fact that you can wear each piece in so many different ways! So far, I’ve picked up the Alexandrova, Lycette and Nathalie skirts, Viviana bodysuit and Tatiana top. I bought them because I loved the unique silhouettes that the Lycette and Alexandrova skirts have, but when I was at Mei Ling Street trying on all the Noël Caleb items, I realised that each piece could be worn in so many different ways! I love the versatility they have and how easily I can play around with each piece and make it uniquely styled. Favourite piece from the Noël Caleb haul has to be the Lycette skirt, but truth is I’ve actually worn it more as a dress!