Noël Caleb Apprentice Search 2012/13

Have you ever wondered how it is like to work for a fashion label?

What goes on behind the creation of such beautiful pieces?

Do you want to be led into this enchanting world of fashion by given a shot in working for a fashion label?

If your answer is YES, you’re the one we are looking for! Wait no more and join the Noël Caleb Apprentice Search today.

The Noël Caleb Apprentice Search is now on! Under this Apprentice Search programme, you will be trained under Noël Caleb for a minimum of 10 hours.

In which, you will learn the many aspects of  a fashion label which includes styling, visual merchandising as wellas the organization of a fashion show. The programme will equip  you with skills on the styling of people with different body shapes, the nits and grits of visual merchandising (in a superstore!) as well as be able to witness the organization of a fashion show and many more.

If time is of a concern to you, do not worry because this programme is specially catered for you to organize your own training. The flexibility of the programme enables you to decide on your time and date of training so as to cater to your schedule and allow for you to work within your most comfortable time period.

So, what are you waiting for? This is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the joy of working under a fashion label.

Especially so that it’s 14 days’ countdown to us being at a Superstore in Orchard Road, and 39 days’ countdown to our X’mas Party cum Fashion Show. Can’t have a better timing to end the year with a spectacular experience.

So, sign up now and come on down to our very first lesson on Tuesday, 6 November 2012 at 7.30pm. Do not worry if you are unable to make it for our first lesson, you can always join us the next time round. Wait no further and send in those emails to to sign up to be our apprentice today!

In the email, do introduce yourself and share what/ why you wish to join the Noël Caleb Apprentice Search 2012/13.

We hope to see you soon! You’re sure to get an amazing experience to end the year with!

Samuel Woo: Finalist Four – Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012

Last but definitely not the least, we present to you, Samuel Woo, the fourth finalist of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012.

Samuel is a graduate of NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media, having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Digital Media with Honors. He brings with him several years of experience working as a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Art Director on various individual and corporate projects.

He has also exhibited his photographs and performance art pieces at several prestigious shows over the years.

As Samuel says in his own words – “My work revolves around questioning the values of a fixed identity in the (post) postmodern world today, from defining self through self, defining self through the other and defining self through the environment.”

Samuel uses and hybridizes a variety of media – photography, painting, performance art, etc, not only to challenge himself technically but also to mirror the blurring of boundaries between artistic practices today, following an innate impulse to create novel experiences in understanding art.

You can check out Samuel’s website to see more of his cutting-edge work.

Well, now that you have met all four finalists, you must be really curious to see their editorial fashion spreads for our latest collection ‘Garden of Eden’.

You only have to wait a few more hours 🙂

Tomorrow, we will reveal their artistic creations for Noël Caleb on our Facebook page.

You will have one week to vote for your favorite photographer. Remember, your votes will have 60% weightage in the final choice of the winner so each vote will be really important for our finalists.

The winner of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012 will get an opportunity to showcase their talent on a global scale by creating an editorial fashion spread for Noël Caleb in our next campaign.

But all that comes later.

Right now, we are super excited about tomorrow 🙂

See you on our Facebook page!

Ross Velantine Errol: Finalist Three – Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012

Presenting Ross Velantine Errol, visual artist par excellence and the third finalist of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012.

Ross is an extremely versatile photographer whose portfolio includes a wide range of subjects, shot in several countries across the region such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia apart from Singapore.

He is renowned for his excellent use and control of natural light, which makes the object of the photograph look stunning yet natural.

Before establishing himself as a full-time photographer, Ross was at the helm of many award-winning Food & Beverage (F&B) establishments as part of their management team.

Maybe that explains his stunning F&B photography 🙂

Be it food, still life, portraiture or events, Ross excels at it all. His process of capturing moments through a story-telling approach not only make his works unique, but very personal as well. Moreover, his amiable personality makes him an absolute joy to work with.

You can check out his amazing portfolio in detail at his site, Velantine Photography.

We are quite sure his editorial shoot for our Garden of Eden collection will be quite stunning as well.

But will he win?

There is only one way to find out 🙂

Check out our Facebook page on 8 Oct to see his visual spread for Noël Caleb and vote for him.

Tomorrow, you will meet our last finalist – Samuel Woo.

Jiayun Zhu: Finalist Two – Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012

Meet Jiayun Zhu, better known as Una – the second finalist of the Noël Caleb Photography Contest 2012.

Una is an upcoming photographer from Shanghai, China who is currently studying in Singapore. While she is relatively young (only 18!!!) and new to the world of photography, we think she has serious talent and displays terrific potential.

See for yourself!

Her love for photography comes across clearly through her pictures. She sees beauty everywhere and in everything, an essential quality of any gifted photographer. Her specialty is portraiture.

Fashion is a passion for her so it’s not surprising that she is the founder of the popular street-style blog Singapore Street Snap.

She uses two cameras even while shooting street-style photographs – a digital camera and a film camera.

Now, that’s some serious commitment 🙂

Given the strong female imagery in her photographs and her unique fashion style, we are very excited to see Una’s interpretation of Eve using our latest collection – Garden of Eden.

So mark your calendars for 8 Oct when we will be showcasing Una’s creative spread for Noël Caleb on our Facebook page.

Be sure to vote for her if you want to crown her the winner.

Well, that’s two finalists done and two more to go 🙂

Tomorrow, you will meet our third finalist – Ross Velantine Errol.

Noël Caleb Styling Apprentice: Lesson 2

Noël Caleb team with our Style Apprentice contestants and the photoshoot crew including our beautiful model Renata.

During our first workshop for the Noël Caleb styling apprentice, we showed our contestants the basics of how it is done and challenged them to style themselves with our help at the end of the session; in this second workshop, it was time for them to witness it all unfold in front of them at the Noël Caleb photoshoot for our  new collection which is launching this month in Tangs.

We invited these aspiring stylists to watch and learn as we created a variety of  looks for our upcoming lookbook and mixed and matched the pieces for maximum effect – as it is always the style of Noël Caleb that became to be known for.

These ladies observed every detail of the shoot and we gave them the following homework to complete so we can assess what they’ve learned from this session. It included writing their observations on:

1. What is the detail on the particular piece(s)? Colour, trimming, fabric etc… anything that caught your eyes?

2. How is it styled by Noel Caleb?

3. If you’re styling the pieces, would you have done differently, and why?

4. What have you learn from Session 2?

While you wait to know what caught their eye in the new collection, you can come and check it out yourself at Tangs Orchard and Tangs Vivo City starting tomorrow as we launch it there! However the official launch of the collection will be on Saturday the 24th of March, with a planned flashmob at 3pm in Tangs Vivo City! What’s more is that you get to witness our Styling Apprentice contestants’ last challenge too!

Which is to style themselves on their own from Noël Caleb’s new collection pieces and you also stand a chance to get a free styling session with us!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the action from our photoshoot last Saturday.  Can you guess the theme yet?

Our outdoor shoot started at 7am in the morning!

Beautiful scenery...

Would the hairdo give you any clues?

We know you love polka dots so we did them again... but this time for a totally different look!

Make up kit!

Our signature look of the collection...

Styling in progress...

Noël Caleb Styling Apprentice course: Workshop 1

Last week, we announced on our facebook page that Noël Caleb team will be giving free styling lessons to few lucky ladies who show genuine interest in the subject and wish to learn about styling and practice it.

So, along with our fashion design competition winner Peiying and our in-house intern Roshni, we’ve picked 5 from those who replied and commenced our first session/workshop last Friday.

And what a fun session it was! After introducing our styling concept in general and the Noël Caleb label to the ladies, we then put them to test and asked them to style themselves starting with a couple of pieces of their own clothing by teaming them with pieces from Noël Caleb. This is because we believe that in order to be able to style people, you need to know how to style yourself first.

The result was interesting from those who stuck to the style they normally wear to others who were pleasantly surprised when they tried on a piece they never thought would work. Needless to say, everybody looked great at the end of the session by donning a Noël Caleb piece and making it their own!

We will be posting more about our journey with the girls, who still have 3 more lessons to go, starting next weekend when they will join us to observe how we’re styling the model for Noël Caleb’s new collection (which is launching very soon!!!) on set of the campaign photoshoot. After that, they will put what they’ve learned to test by styling our flash mob dancers the week after and finishing off with some hands-on experience with real clients on our pop up space in Tangs Vivo City towards the end of this month.

All in all, we hope to teach these girls some styling skills and we’ll be choosing our overall Noël Caleb Styling Apprentice winner at the end of this journey so keep posted on all the updates on this blog every Monday!

With our lookbooks on hand, it was easy to explain the label's unique take on styling through the different mix-and-match outfits we create for each colection.

Our Ballerina Diaries lookbook.

Some pieces from Honey in the Rock collection.


We made sure no one left hungry 🙂

Explaining about styling and Noel Caleb.

Demonstrating how to wear the Onyx top...

More about Noël Caleb

The challenge began when we asked the ladies to pick a couple of items from our lookbooks to mix-and-match with their clothes.

Explaining what would work and why...

Isabel: her first look was good but we felt the skirt didn't complement her extra slim figure as it should...

Isabel's 2nd look was equally good especially with the bright colours which complements her cheerful personality.

Our favourite of Isabel's looks was teaming her neon knit top with kryptonite purple skirt! Just spot on!

Megha: Megha opted for the Natalie skirt to start with but we felt it didn't highlight her best assets enough, mainly her legs and waist...

It took a bit of convincing to get Megha to try on the super sexy Morganite skirt with Onyx top. All it needed was a pair of heels!

We love Megha's look in Onyx, belted and teamed with her favourite skinny jeans!

Choo Yan was the most challenging lady to dress in the class! With broader shoulders than most of the girls, we liked how the Cornelian jacket fell on her, and the colour added some radiance to her face.

Alexandrite dress in Brown looked super cute of Choo Yan, who wasn't convinced with the colour to start with but grew to like it!

The Tourmaline piece added some more colour and contrast to Choo Yan's look.

But the best of the best was this Ruby top, which highlighted her beautiful shoulders and gave her some fun edge.

Cadence is used to wearing dresses most of the time so we started with this Heather dress which looked effortless and cool on her, but not dressy enough for her style...

Although the purple Onyx top is extra flattering, somehow Cadence's look lacked something...

And voila! Cadence rocked this Alexandrite dress in green, which confirmed that she does indeed suit dresses better due to her body form and proportions.

Roshni looked great in this white polka dot shirt teamed with her tailored black skirt. Monochrome but interesting and sophisticated look.

Another great look for Roshni is this Geode dress in grey and cream...

After initially picking the grey version of this Kryptonite skirt to go with her purple lace top, Shairah took our advice and tried the mustard version instead which made for a great colour combination.

But the final look for Shairah was teaming her leather skirt with the black polka dot Tatiana shirt which added some softness to her edgy style and kept things interesting.

Our fashion design competition winner Peiying was the only one who stuck to the first look she tried since it looked adorable on her!

We loved how she mixed pieces from both our collections and created an unexpected and interesting look which was totally creative and true to her quirky style.

Ahhhh time to rest after our first lesson ended....

Say cheese! Noël Caleb team with all the girls looking amazing in their final looks! Well done, everyone and hope you had as much fun as we did!

And the winner of Noël Caleb Fashion Design Competition is…

Our winner Lin Peiying!!!!

Finally, we have come to a decision and we’re happy to announce that the winner of our competition is Peiying Lin from Singapore!

We’d like to say “congratulations” to Peiying Lin and thank two other finalists Alice and Joel and to all those who took part in our competition.

Lin’s designs will be produced for Fall/Winter 2012 collection under Noël Caleb label, so watch out for that! And she will also get a cash prize of S$1500 as well!!!

The full 'Mirror Mirror on the Wall' collection which Lin has created for Noël Caleb

As for the decision, we really liked how Lin interpreted the theme Mirror Mirror on the Wall and displayed contrasts through the use of colour (black and white), the fabric, which she also took time to source and her play on symmetry and asymmetry throughout the whole collection. We felt that she communicated the message and produced a very coherent and interesting collection which works well with what Noël Caleb stands for: feminine look with strong silhouettes and interesting unique pieces to mix and match.

We were impressed by the fabric swatches which Lin has submitted and researched along with her collection

Lin’s collection was also very well thought out and displayed a very creative approach to design which is exactly what we are looking for.

Again, thanks to all those who entered the completion and to all of you who voted for the finalists on facebook. We’ll keep you posted on the progress and meanwhile we’re preparing 2 new collections to be launched soon so watch this space!!!

And the mood board...

Noël Caleb Fashion Design competition: Q&A with the third and last finalist Peiying Lin

Our third finalist Peiying Lin

After Joël and Alice, it’s time for our Q&A with the last finalist of the Noël Caleb Fashion Design Competition, Peiying Lin.

Peiying obviously has passion for fashion and despite her collection being in black and white, we couldn’t but notice how great it looked and decided to give her a place as one of the 3 finalists.

Read on to find out more about her collection and if you like it, onto our facebook page and like the post! We’ll be announcing the winner on 20th of February so don’t forget to check our blog and facebook on that day! The overall winner will get his/her collection produced under Noël Caleb for A/W 2012 collection. Good luck everyone!

1. Tell us about your designs you’ve submitted for the competition. Why do you choose these designs, and how did you get the inspiration? How about the choice of fabric? Also, what made you decide to join the competition?

When I think of the theme “Mirror Mirror on the Wall”, it makes me think of reflection and its elements like shadows and angles. So I interpreted my outfits with asymmetrical and symmetrical cuts and a touch of soft fabrics to soften the looks as I want to bring out the inner strength, outer grace of a woman, in a feminine manner. There are woven and knitted fabrics for the collection as I wanted balance up the look, and the colours I used are mainly black and white, for Black symbolizes the shadow and white symbolizes the light that causes a reflection.

I joined this competition because I was really hoping to be given an opportunity and to gain a learning experience to work with Noël Caleb for their A/W 2012 collection that I have created. And also, I was very inspired by the theme of the competition.

2. If you are the winner, how do you see yourself executing your design with Noël Caleb?

I understand that Noël Caleb’s designs are mostly targeted at those who are bold enough to mix and match the different colors together. Although my collection is in black and white, I am also open to the idea of adding colours because when it comes to fashion I like mixing them to create a different look and effect all together. So working on executing the designs should not be a problem.

4. Where do you graduate from, and how many years have you been in fashion?

I took up some short courses in Fashion design during the weekends when I was working and waiting for my O levels. After that, I went to a local tertiary arts institution majoring in a Diploma in Fashion studies but quit school shortly after. I then headed to Textile and fashion industry training centre to study a Diploma in Fashion Technology (Merchandising & Marketing).

5. Who are your favourite designers? Why?

I think all fashion designers have different ways of expressing their designs but my favourite designers are Alexander Mcqueen, Ann Demeulemeester, Tsumori Chisato, Gareth Pugh, Haider Ackermann, Rick Owens and Thierry Mugler. I like Alexander Mcqueen and Tsumori Chisato for their quirky and whimsical looks, and Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann for their layered looks, drapes and avant-garde aesthetic. I also like Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens and Thierry Mugler for their structured elegance, fierce and one-of-a kind look.

6. What is your style/ influences like?

I can be easily inspired by runway trends. I love to explore the different kinds of styles and I love collecting images be it in the newspapers, magazines, post cards, websites, etc if I feel inspired looking at it. I am also influenced by different mediums like music, art, movies, etc.

7. Why should we choose you as the winner?

Since the designs I created for this collection are mainly in black and white, I think they are workable and marketable as I suppose everyone owns an outfit in their wardrobe in which is match-able with black and white. However, like I mentioned before, I am also open about the idea of colours if there is a need to inject some colours into the Noël Caleb A/W 2012 collection because I understand Noël Caleb designs are mostly targeted at those who are bold enough to mix and match the different colours together.

Noël Caleb Fashion Design competition: Q&A with the second finalist Alice Koh

Our finalist Alice Koh

Today we share with you our Q&A with the second finalist for Noël Caleb’s fashion design competition, Alice Koh. Unlike Joel, Alice is a Singapore resident who has passion for fashion and decided to join our competition despite not having any training/education in fashion.

For Alice, she sees mirror mirror on the wall as the way the person sees herself in the mirror, so she sees autum and enjoying the breeze of the season…

Read on for more about her and if you like Alice’s designs, don’t forget to vote for her on our facebook page by liking the post of her collection.

1. Tell us about your designs you’ve submitted for the competition. Why do you choose these designs, and how did you get the inspiration? How about the choice of fabric? Also, what made you decide to join the competition?

I like fashion and have started to design as a hobby lately. I have never entered any fashion design competition and thought maybe I could gain some experience and have some fun.

I have been thinking about what I should design for the Autumn/Winter collection as Singapore doesn’t really have Autumn/Winter. Winter coat would be too hot for the weather here. I guess it is a type of feeling which I try to capture such as what I like about autumn/winter: the cooling breeze, watching the leaves swaying in the air, some little rain drops (not heavy rain), catching up with old friends after a long busy summer, the feeling of returning home for Christmas and the great expectations of a New Year (new beginning). Thus, my designs are influenced by the moods, colours and texture of this season:

a) I have chosen brown and blue as my theme colours
b) plain and floral as the textures for the seasons
c) feeling/mood by the designs and cutting

My choice of fabric is comfortable with a mixture of heavy and light. The light portion is to create a breezy and feminine feeling and the heavy portion is to make sure that no hurricane is going to blow away the dress…ha ha ha…I mean it is about the nature of feminine lady; independent, strong yet feminine.

2. If you are the winner, how do you see yourself executing your design with Noël Caleb?

Personally I have some experience in executing projects mostly in finance. I have no experience in executing design for a fashion company though but I guess they are almost the same. Now that I have the designs, It is all about project planning, technical aspect of the designs and packaging such as below:

a) Have a meeting with the lead of every department to understand the resources available –> is timeline important, quantity, budget, work forces needed and available

b) Work closely with the purchasing (might be good if I get be involved in sourcing for materials as the designer usually know best what she is looking for)

c) Work closely with the production (explain the design and discuss how technically this could be achieved)

d) The packaging can be important if the company marketing strategy is to promote the collections to organizations or road show. By packaging I mean marketing materials to explain the collection and its selling point (not the plastic wrap). Thus, probably it is good to work closely with the marketing team to come out with this.

3. Besides design, do you have knowledge on pattern making/ cutting and sewing?

Currently I am learning pattern making and sewing at Tze-Yi dressmaking & designing

4. Where do you graduate from, and how many years have you been in fashion?

I graduated from Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology in Bachelor Degree in Accounting. I am not trained in fashion.

5. Who are your favourite designers? Why?

I do not know much about international fashion designers as fashion is not my training field. But I like fashion and I follow the trends through magazines, internet, TV and shopping.

6. What is your style/ influences like? 

Bring out the beauty of simple/common styles with a little creativity.

7. Why should we choose you as the winner?

I guess everyone has his/her taste and I am not sure how winning designs ought to be. But personally I like fashion and despite being trained in a totally different field, now I am learning to design as a hobby. I have the passion.

Personally I like my designs and have been making my collections into dresses, skirts and blouses. I like them enough to wear them. I also think my designs are able to capture the attention of people in Singapore. That means they feel comfortable to wear them when meeting up with friends, to the office and dinner. These are the main 3 occasions most Singaporeans will attend and likely to dress up for. Thus, something casual, light, normal yet looks beautiful, comfortable and a little different so I feel that my designs are sellable.

What a year’s worth of makeup looks like.

Have you ever wondered what you’ll look like if you had 365 layers of makeup on your face? Well, don’t sweat it ’cause filmmakers Lernert & Sander were cheeky enough to find out and had model, Hannelore Knuts be their guinea pig!

The ‘damage’ was done with: “Seven bottles of Foundation S103; two bottles of Creamy Eyes E107; three Milky Lips L205 pens; and two bottles of Blush S301. All together 228.40ml of makeup”