Noël Caleb

Noël Caleb is the bond between Christmas and Devotion. With the spirit of thanksgiving, Noël Caleb is a collection designed  and sewn with every fashion designer’s heart and love.

Redress your week with femininity and poise with our assembly of Sunday bests. On stage or off, brace yourself for grace.

Don a piece of Noël Caleb and you’ll bring a spark of Christmas with you everyday.

Shannon Lee

Lets say fashion wasn’t an innate part in him. Yet he had an extreme passion for drawing – napkins, textbooks, phonebooks, the floor – give him a pencil and he’d give you a ‘mess’ of scribbles. Somehow that desire to keep drawing led to his enrollment in Raffles Design Institute (RDI) in the April of 2003 right O levels. That 2 years led to him dabbling in fashion, falling in love with construction and structure, exploited his weakness in color, and strengthened his passion to circumvent form and figure.

Did we mention he loves to draw?

From cartoons, he went on to sculpting in quick strokes. A hiatus from school at the end of 2005 went to his wardrobe stint in SAFMDC (Singapore Armed Forces Music and Drama Company), several competitions as a finalist, and interning at ABYZZ under Desmond Yang.

Eventually returning to RDI, he finished up his degree in 2008, winning several competitions like Bedroom to Runway, Puma’s Rev Up Your Style, and culminating with a short work stint at alldressedup after graduation.

Fashion finally became his passion, whether it was innate or not.

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  1. sir i m a fashion designer i wanna comption partysapet on ur comption. plz sir u can tell me. what – what fomality. to me
    thak u sir .

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